Is Delicious loosing their data?

I use Delicious from time to time to save bookmarks and search for stuff I can't remember where I found it. It was sad to read rumors that Yahoo! will shut it down, but that's not the point here now.

In the last months I noticed some strange behavior with their site: when surfing a page of a bookmark, you see the total number of people who have bookmarked that particular link and that number started to jump from view to view. First loaded you see a total of 183 bookmarks, 10 minutes later it's 265 bookmarks, and then 183 again. What's going on there? I guess that is some inconsistency between their datacentres or something, but I'm not sure (and I am sure that this should not happen!).

Today I noticed another funny thing: bookmarks without an owner:

Again, not sure what is happening here. Did the user delete his account? Delicious says all bookmarks will be gone when deleting, so this should be something different, but again, I have no clue.

I fear I will have to search a new home for my bookmarks. Any (open-source) social bookmarking service out there worth a try?